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Tips & Facts for Pallet Recycling & Disposal

How to Recycle Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallet is the material which used widely in transporting goods. Nowadays it is mostly chosen over wood pallet because of its benefits such as easily sanitized, resistance to odor, long life span, durability, better to protect the product, non-splintering, and lighter weight. Accordingly, it is quite interesting to recycle plastic pallets with environmental friendly [...]

How to Dismantle Wood Pallets

Wood pallet is the material which is widely used in transportation or shipping industry. It is the main tool for moving and storing things in stock. However, those pallets are often discarded by retailers who receive them because there are too many of them. Moreover, those discarded pallets are sometimes salvaged as a reclaimed wood’s [...]

Benefits of Wood Pallets Recycling

Wood pallet recycling is very useful process to decrease wood waste for making wood pallets in shipping industry. In shipping industry, wood pallets are the most popular one as they are not cost much to make. However, it is also a problem if we do not know how to do wood pallets recycling as there [...]

Ideas for Pallet Recycling

Pallet recycling is the process of sorting, refurbishing, dismantling and re-manufacturing any kinds of pallet products such as wood, plastic, metal and paper pallets. Wood pallets are the most popular one to be recycled as most of pallets are made of wood. Generally, there are many ways to do pallet recycling as pallet can be [...]

Facts of Pallet Recycling

Pallets can be made of wood, metal, plastic, and even paper so that pallet recycling is obviously responsible for taking millions of those material pallets out of the waste stream each year. To do pallet recycling, that waste stream will be decreasing the burden on landfills. As can be seen, there is the increasing number [...]